We support performing arts projects who have a focus on bringing the best out of a community.

CLICK Arts Foundation support groups who focus on social inclusion and personal development through the arts. We are the natural expansion of CLICK Productions, where we produced plays and ran drama and movement workshops to support, fundraise for, and connect with the community since 1993. As a charity, we support those who provide a safe and nurturing space to promote growth through all aspects of performance.
CLICK Arts Foundation is committed to granting funds to registered grassroots charities across England and Wales, with a specific emphasis on Northampton, Milton Keynes, and the surrounding Midlands region. This funding is aimed at supporting programs that promote wellbeing through the arts, in line with our original (CLICK Productions) values and goals. The range of art forms includes, but is not limited to, drama, dance, singing, music, and visual art. especially for those individuals who have limited opportunities to participate. By doing so we particularly seek to improve social inclusion for marginalised groups - building confidence and providing opportunities that may not have been available otherwise.

The grants provided by CLICK Arts Foundation range from £100 to £2,000 and application forms are on our website.
"Doing the shows for me gave me confidence to push myself outside of my comfort zone and just give new things a go without feeling silly. The buzz of the actual show week was amazing and no matter how bad my days had been at work the show nights were a great way to forget everything."
“Keeping 17 teams going I've been covering all number of shows…It’s been tougher than others I've done but I wanted to thank you for helping me remain calm and work with the talent I've got…and helping me be me.
"Working with Audrey is a joyful experience, her kindness & encouragement gave me the confidence to be brave, & take on my first 'acting' role, for 'Click Productions'."
“Working with Audrey at the Edinburgh Fringe was a highlight. The creative freedom (and trust) ensured we captured some stunning images. My only regret is that my life is a world away from the arts.”
“Collaborating with CLICK gave me ideas and an insight into how to deliver relatable content and engage audiences for greater impact as well as get the best out of my production team"