While we’re still doing our bit to promote the benefits of the arts on overall wellbeing, we have a history of seeing first hand how the arts build confidence, develop teamwork, embed new skills and give everyone an opportunity to shine and we want to help you do the same. If you meet our criterion, ANY group may apply for a grant of up to £2000 to support an arts project which fits within our values.

The Board meet twice a year, with grants awarded in JUNE and DECEMBER. Please note the deadlines for applications:
  • June cycle: Accepting applications from 1st January - 30th April
  • December cycle: Accepting applications from 1st July - 31st October
Applications are accepted by email only.

Specific CLICK Arts Foundation grant criterion:

Up to £2000 may be requested (in special circumstances we may consider more) – however the board reserve the right to offer a full or partial grant. Should a partial grant be offered, or your application turned down, we will give our reasons.

The project must meet our key values: Confidence building; Learning; Inclusivity; Community accessible; Kind (safe space)
  • Confidence building: Empowerment, Inclusion and Wellbeing are key outcomes we are looking for – please explain how you will measure these (even qualitatively)
  • All beneficiaries must have an opportunity to learn something
  • Welcome diversity and address all inclusion issues with your immediate community– ie. is there disabled access to the venue? Is it free or heavily subsidised for beneficiaries in greatest need? Are you encouraging inclusivity for a marginalised group?
  • Be kind to yourself and others - Emphasise the importance of the “Safe space” ie. if children or vulnerable adults are involved, we would expect to see the credentials of the people running the event, as well as the safeguarding practices in place
Please also note that there are some other requirements too:
  • If you have given us social handles, we’d love you to tag us in social media postings of the event and we will also support you on ours
  • If the event/project is ticketed, please set aside two tickets for our Trustees to attend
  • If we attend we would like to take photos to use in our publicity – please ensure that all permissions are obtained for this, and inform us if anyone has refused so that we may be mindful
  • The event must take place within 6 months of the grant/partial grant being received, or the money must be returned – unless otherwise agreed with the Trustees.

CLICK ARTS Foundation as a “Headline sponsor”

In special circumstances, we will welcome invitations to sponsor events – please email with details of what you require and the return you offer for sponsorship.

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