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We could have been prouder to have contributed to these community events – the amount of work, collaboration and commitment that went in to each one shone through, and was reflected in the wonderful experiences shared by all. We're keen to share details of projects that have taken place, and some which are planned for 2024.

You can also see details of our charity single below, which was launched in late August 2023. This is one of our most ambitious projects to date, so we invite you to read about the huge commitment from so many supporters and stakeholders to bring this together.
Burlesque for Confidence

St Crispins Community Centre

On Wednesday evenings in Northampton we close the shutters of the St Crispins Community Centre as Dr Audrey Tang's Burlesque Squad come together to strut their stuff. Suitable for men and women, our sessions create a safe space to have fun, engage in low impact group exercise, and learn a new burlesque-inspired dance every week. It's great for building confidence not just within yourself - but in what our bodies can do. Burlesque encourages us to appreciate ourselves fully for our ability to engage with the choreography, feel the music and present a performance - rather than simply look at ourselves as a visual object. Dancers somes work with props, we even do a tiny bit of stripping(!) - BUT we're just as happy if you join us dressed for an ordinary fitness class.

Classes run on a termly basis at St Crispin's Community Centre, Northampton, NN5 4GJ on Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30pm To join, please email
Age of Love Cafe 2 - Men's Health

December 2023

Following the success of our first Age of Love Cafe where Dr Sharron Hinchliff addressed our forum about sexual health as we age; we ran a second cafe focused on Men's Health. Our Keynote was Arthur Diejomaoh from The British Psychological Society giving ways in which we can encourage more conversation of about emotional mental and sexual wellbeing for men, and he was joined by Arun Shergill of Raur Clothing, MG Grant who uses the arts to work with his clients in care, and local actor Tim Dwelly performed a piece from "All That Matters Most" to give an insight into how men sometimes take on all issues themselves rather than speaking out.

Again, The Lewis Foundation provided refreshments; and the event was closed by Dr Audrey Tang's burlesque squad performing a routine - suitable for men - which got the room on its feet.
"You Will Be Found"
Charity Single supporting local charities

Launched 24th August 2023
Northampton Guildhall

For our 30th birthday (as CLICK Productions) - CLICK Arts Foundation is launching a charity single to showcase the work of volunteers and fundraisers supporting the charities featured.

Dr Audrey Tang, chair of Trustees at CLICK Arts Foundation said “We’re excited to release our licensed cover version of Dear Evan Hansen’s “You Will Be Found” to celebrate the work of volunteers and fundraisers, as well as showcase the benefits of volunteering. We wanted to show people that it’s not just beneficiaries who gain through contributing time, but we do as well.”

The single itself, cover licensed by Easy Song, brings 3 community groups together – CLICK Arts Foundation, Together in Harmony (a virtual choir) and The United African Association Northampton Dancing Drums, with all singers recording separately and sending in their voice tracks from as far afield as Australia, the USA and Singapore! Karen Stewart, appearing on the single said of being involved (all the way from Brisbane): “I care for my elderly Mum (she’s 94) so I don’t get a lot of time out for myself. I know how lucky I am to still have my Mum, however I appreciate being able to join in with something like this more than I can say.”; and Lucy Fletcher, Northampton added “…a creative project (such as this one) is a lot of fun. To work with others to achieve something which is far greater than the sum of its parts is wonderful. You can look at the finished product and feel proud that you contributed something, however small that may benefit others.”

The single was mixed and mastered at Fitdog Studios in Northamptonshire, who also hosted a recording day for the Drummers to record their track, and is being distributed by Horus Music headquartered in Leicester, who specifically support charity singles. You can find a link to their website below.

The Charities/Community Groups involved in the video, which has been edited by Connor McLean of Haymarg Productions under the synch licence from Kobalt Music Publishing are: The Lewis Foundation, Power of the Mind Networks, The Hope Centre, Affinity Day Care CIC, NDAS, Parkrun, Level Water, The Performing Room, and of course the UAA Dancing Drums (you can find links to all charities and organisations below). Money from downloads received by CLICK Arts Foundation will be distributed between the charities – but listeners are also encouraged to donate directly to the charities so they can continue their excellent work.

Please take the time to find out more about the charities featured, and donate to our charity single Just Giving page which you can access via the following link:

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer, or follow the link to iTunes to download the single.
Just follow the links below.

You Will Be Found by By Benj Pasek and Justin Paul
Copyright Kobalt Music Pub America I o/b/o Breathelike Music and Kobalt Music Pub America I o/b/o Pick in a Pinch Music
Mechanical License: 1867073 from Easy Song
Licensed for video (synch license): Kobalt Music Publishing Limited
Recorded at: Fitdog Studios, Northamptonshire

Pianist – Simon Gargrave
Percussion – The United African Association Dancing Drums: Beatrice Kerubo, Cherrelle Hamilton, Clive Levett, Carol Willcock, Grace Wagai, Trish Caswell, Anne Wankiiri, Tom Zochowski, Richard Dobson
Musical director (voice) – Jess Parnell
Musical director (music) – David Sanderson
Song editing – David Sanderson & Audrey Tang
Video editing – Connor McLean
Video footage – with thanks to the Volunteers and Charities who sent us wonderful examples of their events and fundraising
Recorded at FitDog Studios
Soloist – Jazz Kane Flaherty
Additional vocals – Jemma Gambrill, Gemma Young, Cathy Heaton, Rich Atterton, Rob Hicks

Singers from Together in Harmony & CLICK Arts Foundation:
Alena Norkett, Alison Rigby, Audrey Tang, Christine Evans, Christine Pease, David Sanderson, Denise Copley, Denise Earnshaw, James Cowling, Janine Moyse, Jill Wilkins, Judith Stone, Julie Macdonald, Karen Stewart, Lucy Fletcher, Mary Smith, Maureen Thomas, Maureen Wood, Patricia Easton, Rebecca Byfield, Ruth Kilian, Ruth Williams, Surekha Garg, Susan Drake, Ted Green, Valda Harris, Vika Moisey

Video featuring: Jazz Kane Flaherty, Audrey Tang, John Goldwyn, Leila Goldwyn, Isobel Whalley, Sophie Whalley, Sarah Whalley, David Sanderson, Jemma Gambrill, Fit Dog Studios, The United African Association Dancing Drums, “The Penguin”

Fitdog Studios:
Connor McLean:
Horus Music:
United African Association (Dancing Drums):
The Lewis Foundation:
Power of the Mind:
Hope Centre:
Affinity Day Care:
Level Water:
The Performing Room:
Dr Sharron Hinchliff's 'Age of Love Cafe' - Self Love and Burlesque

Saturday September 2nd, 2023, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Community Spaces Northampton

Sharron Hinchliff is a Professor of Psychology and Health at the University of Sheffield where she leads a programme of work on ageing, gender, and sexual health and well-being. She is passionate about addressing inequalities and uses insights from psychology to tackle the negative social stereotypes about sexuality at midlife and beyond, including women's sexual wellbeing at menopause. She told NLive Radio’s ‘mental health show, The Wellbeing Lounge’ “Sex is still seen as ‘a bit ick’ with stereotypes such as “dirty old man” or “why are you thinking about sex at your age”…it’s time we broke that stigma because sex is part of wellbeing.”

Professor Sharron has been running similar “Age of Love Café” sessions in Sheffield and will give the keynote at the event which took place in September at St Crispin’s Community Centre, St Crispin Drive, Northampton, NN5 4GJ. She was joined by Diane Danzebrink of Menopause Support and Shalom Lloyd of Naturally Tribal Skincare. Dr Audrey Tang of CLICK Arts Foundation will also be leading a Body Love Burlesque taster session as part of the event, with a short demo from her team of dancers, and a reflection on loneliness performed by local actress Patsy Wright.

Refreshments were provided by Northampton Cancer Charity The Lewis Foundation who source, package and hand deliver free gift packs to adult cancer patients in hospital and the community weekly.

We'd love to thank everyone that supported and took part in this event.
The Lewis Foundation Water Dash

(featuring The United African Dancing Drums)

12th August 2023
The Elgar Centre
1 High St, Upton
Northampton NN5 4EN

We were delighted to be the Headline Sponsor for The Lewis Foundation's "Water Dash" a 5k community fun run with foam and inflatables - where runners try to avoid the "water ninja's armed with super soaker". Opened to the uplifting beat of the United African Dancing Drums, who also provided warm space, advice, a food bank and activities at the Leicester Street Community Centre, Northampton, runners raised funds for The Lewis Foundation who provide care packages, as well as run self-care and wellbeing events for adults battling cancer.
The Lewis Foundation      -
The United African Dancing Drums      -

Photo Credits:
Shaw Film and Photo       -
International Women's Day event

March 2023
Northampton Guildhall

CLICK brought together the United African Dancing Drums, along with The Albanian Cultural Association, to perform the opening number for the West Northamptonshire Council's International Women's Day Event 2023. It was our pleasure to feature soloist Leila Goldwyn-Morales from G-Stars Dance & the Laban Conservatoire in London, and introduce our youngest performer Isobel Whalley to perform the uplifting "This is Me" from The Greatest Showman. We even made the local BBC news that evening!
West Northants Council
Rokart 2023, Teamworks Karting

March 2023
Northampton Guildhall

For the last two years, CLICK has sponsored a team from NLive Radio to drive in the endurance race organised by The Rotary Club "Rokart". Along with a couple of "secret weapon" drivers from Oracle RedBull Racing (engineering rather than track) we put in some impressive performances including some "fastest laps" and an personal bests.
Additional Funds Raised: £340 in 2022, and £410 at our 2023 event

The Lewis Foundation      -
Rotary Club      -      Follow this link
Mental health awareness day with Mental Health Champions Northamptonshire

October 2022
The Sikh Centre, Riverside Connect

This MHCN event was specifically aimed at reducing the stigma of mental ill health within ethnically diverse communities. Founder Dr Audrey Tang attended the MHCN event to deliver a complimentary talk on mindfulness and wellbeing - complete with practical tools. Supporting: Mental Health Champions Northamptonshire